Linda Bembridge Lectures

“Mostly Landscapes”

Using the title “Mostly Landscapes” allows me to interpret the definition of ‘landscape’ in the widest possible way. I believe that there are landscapes all around us, from the very recognisable vistas structured around land, sea, sky and fabulous light, to the intimate landscapes in the details all around us often missed or ignored.

I have recently dabbled in the world of Wildlife Photography and now have a very real appreciation of how difficult this photographic genre actually is! I am thoroughly enjoying learning new skills and new ways of interpreting my images and have a healthy respect for those very experienced in this space. Some of my wildlife images are included within my lecture although all are with the wider landscape genre in mind.

My lecture also includes work from a variety of on-going projects including the creation of an image through the combination of similar smaller images, the result being greater than the sum the parts. I am also exploring the fascinating world of images created by moving the camera intentionally whilst taking the image. This is a subject I am finding increasingly compelling, the possibilities for exploration are endless! I also play with the negative image familiar to so many of us in black and white form from those dark room days. I am also enjoying playing with the concept of the colour negative and am excited by the abstract qualities possible with the right subject.

My objective is that no two lectures are ever the same as I will always try and include current work while facing the difficult decisions as to what needs to be left out in order to accommodate new images. That keeps it fresh for me and (hopefully) interesting for those kind enough to give me the opportunity to share my work.

My lecture consists entirely of paper-based materials and I would be very happy to come and visit any organisation that wishes to spend an evening with me. I am based in South Buckinghamshire (UK). Please get in touch by way of the Contact Page and we can take it from there.

Thank you

Linda Bembridge